Automation in Marketing: Possible Uses in 2020

Automation is an inevitable part of technological growth and innovation in just about every industry around the world. It makes certain tasks easier to handle and much more efficient than being under human control. Many sectors are seeing advancements in automation techniques, just take a look at all of the self-checkout at stores now. Even the marketing field is making use of this technology.

In recent years there has been a big upswing in the amount of automation in online marketing, it can be seen everywhere. This trend is not going to go anywhere and we are going to see some interesting ways to make use of this technology going forward. You will have the tools to reach customers faster and on a larger scale with minimal labor.

The ChatBot

You will most likely have run into one of these on many different websites over the last number of years. ChatBots will pop up on a website and be available for users to ask basic questions and get proper answers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to play a pivotal role in taking them to the next level. 

As of now, these programs are very helpful in giving users information about a website and business, but they are limited. They are running with limited capabilities, as they are not quite advanced enough to replicate real conversation. With time, however, we could start seeing them becoming a lot more engaging and useful.

Social Media Automation

This is something that is not a new concept but will see some major growth in adoption if predictions are correct. Social media use is still on the rise and companies are looking to do whatever they can to reach their customers at the right times. There is potential to use automation to increase consumer interest.

They will try to combine everything they know about their customers with their AI to pinpoint the best ways, and times, to target them with marketing. Products and services will be offered when it is deemed the target customer is closer to making some form of purchase based on gathered data.

Automation is Here to Stay

We cannot deny the usefulness of having different areas of our lives automated by technology. Efficiency is the name of the game, and technology is making it easier every day. Online marketing is going to keep shifting towards more automation, so it is essential that you understand its uses.