Cybersecurity Tools Every Small Business Needs

Running a business has changed greatly in even the last decade as everything moves to the online world. Businesses of every size are now faced with cyber threats on a daily basis, which was almost unheard of not that long ago. As the world becomes more connected and advanced so do the methods criminals use to try and profit.

These days it is essential that your business has enough invested in its cybersecurity. Attacks are happening on a daily basis that can quickly cripple your networks, and essentially your entire business. There are many stories of businesses having to shut down due to not being prepared. To make sure your business is not a statistic, there are some tools you need to utilize.

Your Software Provider

One of the most important decisions a business makes is who they choose to use to provide their software needs. The two major players in this realm are Google and Microsoft, but there are also other options available. Assuming your business chooses one of the two main providers, you will immediately be offered some of the most advanced security available.

It is important to look at all the services you can get, such as Google G Suite and Microsoft 360, as they can be well worth the annual expense. Both of these are going to offer malware protection through internet browsing and their corresponding email services. Choose the best fit for your business and take advantage of everything they offer.


You could talk for ages about net neutrality pros and cons, but regardless of the outcome, it is pertinent to protect your online privacy. A virtual private network will add an extra layer of protection to everything done on your network. Any information going back and forth is first encrypted and sent to the VPN service’s server first, so its original location is masked.

By doing this it will make it much more difficult for anyone trying to spy on your network or figure out your location. Businesses need to share important and confidential information, and a VPN helps keep it protected as it goes on its way. There are a number of great services to choose from at reasonable prices.

Password Managers

Office computers used to be the butt of jokes when it came to password security, but there was never a major concern for the average business. Now there is software and artificial intelligence that can easily hack basic passwords, and even more creative ones. You can help eliminate the threat of password hacking by getting a password manager for your network.

The right password manager is going to offer randomly generated passwords that are near-impossible to crack. You can get other features such as auto-filling in your information, storing multiple accounts, and even changing passwords on a regular schedule. This simple tool can make a big difference in your password security.

Premium Antivirus

It cannot be stressed enough that every single business should be using some form of premium antivirus and antimalware service. The sheer number of threats that are on the internet cannot be underestimated, and without any protection, it is inevitable that something will get in. You have some great choices like Avast!, Kaspersky, and a number of others who have years of expertise.

It should be noted that any free antivirus service is not going to be a good choice for a business. You need a different level of threat protection than a basic home network, so make sure to add room in the monthly budget. Free trials are normally available to see which one is best for you and your employees.

Train Your Staff Well

You could have the most elaborate cybersecurity set up in the entire world, and it would be at risk if no one understood how to use it. The new age of business requires a lot more hands-on training with computers and technology, and you must ensure staff knows how to use it. Human error is always going to be a factor that needs to be limited.

Make sure to understand how all of your security software operates, and what each component actually does. A standard training manual can be helpful if developed, and some providers may offer some help with this. Knowing how to use the security features will ensure that they work as intended.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Threats from the online world are getting more advanced as the years count forward, and you can no longer have your head in the sand. If you own or manage any form of small business you must do everything you can to keep from becoming a victim. You put in too much hard work to have it all taken away due to a seedy cybercriminal.